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Word on Wellness—Exercise is Key

Daily exercise affects our overall well-being. Nudists love to exercise almost as much as we love to eat. We’re outside soaking up Vitamin D while playing sports, running 5Ks, doing yoga, Zumba or swimming. It’s easy to see how running, biking or tennis strengthens your heart, builds muscles and stamina. In combination with a healthy diet, exercise also builds brain health by keeping your arteries clear and open and maintaining a good blood supply.

A Beautiful Day to Run a 5K at Shangri La Ranch

On October 16 2021 Shangri La Ranch held its annual Bare Buns Desert 5K Run and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  It was cold enough as people gathered for the 8:00am start that some couples were entwined to stay warm, but once the race started the temperature seemed to warm quickly to a comfortable mid-60s.

The 2021 AANR Fall Festival at DeAnza Springs Resort

The 2021 AANR Fall Festival was held October 8th through October 10th this year at DeAnza Springs Resort and it was off to a cooler than expect start with rain (yes, rain!) and cold winds on Friday.  A canvas tent had been set up outside the Oasis Lounge for the vendors but due to the wind the vendors instead set up inside the Cactus Flower Café dining area.  Nancy sold her handmade local art.  Freddie also offered up a selection of her craft items.  Ashi offered up his famous hot sauces. While the Cactus Flower Café stayed open for business, there was also a food truck from the San Diego Sliders Company with offerings from their menu.  Some ate on the patio but most ate in the Oasis Lounge.

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Word on Wellness—The Healthy Food Conundrum

At Glen Eden, many of us have enrolled in the Healthy World Vitality Coaching Plan.

Towels On Lounge Chairs

The Case of the Errant Arousal

This article addresses one of the issues that can cause a bit of embarrassment for men. It is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek so bare with me (pun intended). See I already made a funny one. Okay, okay, I can hear your eyes rolling from here.

Elysium Fields and Founder Ed Lange

20 Years Later: Remembering Eysium Fields

Two decades after it closed, there are fewer and fewer members left to share happy memories whenever we recall our special clothing-optional home away from homer in Topanga Canyon, California called Elysium Fields.

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10 Tips for World Naked Gardening Day

Take advantage of World Naked Gardening Day on May 2 to start a garden with the following tips: