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Linda Weber

I Am Just Like You

– Only I Am A Nudist and New AANR Member

If you are reading this while nude, enjoying a beach or a club, or considering nudism, you can thank AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) for the opportunity.


I enjoy being nude and have for pretty much all my life. I rarely wear clothes if I can help it and would venture out to local nude beaches. Clothes are merely the wrapping we wear in public, and once we cast them off, we gain the freedom and confidence that comes with accepting our bodies and “living in our skin.”

I decided to seek out further opportunities and make the leap into the realm of “social nudity.” I started by booking the Big Nude Boat in 2016. It was great to be surrounded by people who were busy having fun, meeting new friends, and enjoying the myriad of activities, all while nude. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves so much, we have booked for the last four years and are booked for the 2020, 30th anniversary cruise.

It was on the last cruise that I was seated with two AANR-West board members, Andrew Walden and Treena Allen-Saavedra. I spoke in-depth with Andy to explore what advantages and benefits I would gain by being a member. The organization was established in 1931, so in its 88 years, it has been actively educating individuals about how wholesome and non-sexual being nude is, and its political commitment to securing the rights and freedom to be nude at sanctioned beaches and clubs.

After reviewing all the information, I realized what a great organization it was, and becoming a member would open up an entirely unexplored and unknown world to me. It was like inserting a special key into a lock and seeing a whole new, exciting world behind the door just for people like me.

One of the first benefits I enjoyed was the ability to search by location as to where the nearest clubs were to where I lived or would be visiting. I really had no idea of the 200 plus clubs where I could go and take a NakationSM vacation. The thought of sitting poolside nude, and meeting other like-minded folks without having to worry about what clothes I have to pack is appealing.

I look forward to availing myself of the entire package of benefits that membership grants. Are you a nudist and haven’t joined? You are missing out on the many benefits including club events and festivals, regional conventions, and the ability to vote for the board members who tirelessly advocate for your right to enjoy a clothes-optional way of life. New to the idea of being clothes-free? Take a look at the public area of American Association for Nude Recreation at


The original article written for The Bulletin by Linda Weber in August 2019.

Posted with permission from American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).